Clio Hendrickx (33)
Kay Hendrickx (30) 
Jules Hendrickx (27)


Clio: entrepreneur @ Les Soeurs, our own company
Kay: fashion buyer @ ESG, Belgian shoe- & textile pioneer
Jules: fashion buyer 
@ ESG, Belgian shoe- & textile pioneer

Country: Belgium (Hasselt)

Website & instagram:


Today’s story is about LES SOEURS, the 3 talented Belgian sisters (Jules, Key & Clio) with a full-time passion for jewelry and accessories. I came across their Instagram profile purely by chance, one late afternoon while randomly browsing through and instantly fell in love with their feed, sprinkled with lots and lots of beautiful pieces and funny quotes (don’t take it for granted, feel free to check: @_lessoeurs_). Obviously, I wanted an interview!! 🙂

TheShortcutsBubble: Who are Les Soeurs?

LS: Les Soeurs is 3×3 female force or three sisters with a fulltime passion for jewellery and accessories.

TheShortcutsBubbleHow did you come up with the idea of starting this business together? Do you have formal training in the field or was it something made out of passion?

LSIn 2011 we baptised our label Les Soeurs. Always looking for that bracelet, ring, necklace or handbag as a perfect combination for our outfits, we started a passionate journey in which we brought together the most precious gemstones, leather pieces and noble metals from our travels all over the world. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do… so the result is a collection and selection of contemporary jewellery/accessories, made with loads of sisterlove on Belgian territory.

TheShortcutsBubble: What are the benefits of working with family and are there any drawbacks?

LS: It’s great! As sisters we already had a very strong bond, and the fact that we can now share our passion for fashion and accessories in our own concept feels like a dream come true. Some are scared to work together with family, but to us it has only added value: there’s only one word needed to understand each other, we usually think in the same direction and style and as sisters, we can speak openly and from our heart. Of course, that sometimes leads to heavy discussions, but some of our best ideas come exactly from these discussions.

TheShortcutsBubble: What was before Les Soeurs? What did you do (for work)?

LS: Clio used to work as a marketeer in the health food industry, while Kay and Jules are still working in the fashion industry as buyers.

TheShortcutsBubble: Deco, accessories.. and still, I couldn’t help noticing that the focus is on jewellery (which btw is totally amazing). Why jewellery and who designs all the lovely pieces?

LS: Why? Because diamonds are a girl’s best friend 😉 No seriously, on our webshop we mostly sell our jewellery collection, but aside from the webshop we also run pop-up stores (in various cities in Belgium for now), where we also sell clothing and interior pieces aside from our jewellery, as a total collection of our finds and treasures.  We were young, fashion-conscious girls who followed all designers closely. The only drawback – we simply had no budget for these pieces and so we started making our own pieces, with a weakness for natural materials like precious gemstones, marble or wood. Kay started following sewing classes and Jules learned about jewellery design. Being so fond of beautiful leather pieces, we created our Gladys, a leather gladiator cuff, which is handmade in Belgium: from design (by us) to assembly (by our father)! Aside from own creations, there are also things produced by various manufacturers all over the world: India is strong in gemstones, Spain has the most beautiful leathers, Italy is king in textile… So it comes to a combination of own creations, production by third parties and simply buying and reselling.TheShortcutsBubble: How would you describe Belgian fashion and what do Belgian women go for, fashionwise, these days?

LS: Belgian fashion is pure, minimal and no nonsense, much comparable to Scandinavian fashion. 

TheShortcutsBubble: What about Les Soeurs.. what do you promote, what’s the signature style?

LS: We’re in line with Belgian fashion, I guess. We have a weakness for simple, timeless and minimal designs, rather than modern, yet mixed with a twist of ‘Parisienne’ style.

TheShortcutsBubble: What’s the type of woman you design for, the kind you’d want “to be in your gang”? 🙂

LS: The Parisian lady in her daily life – elegant and stylish, but no nonsense and with a touch of elegance. She loves the basics when it comes to clothing, whilst shoes and accessories are key to her personal style. 

TheShortcutsBubble: What about your personal styles? Do you have similar tastes or it is exactly the differences that make the creation process even more fun?

LS: Our personal styles are different from each other: while Kay rather goes for romantic and female pieces, Clio chooses abstract and minimal and Jules sits somewhere in between, with a weakness for good basics. Yet, we understand eachothers’ tastes and it makes creation indeed more fun, since we try and battle to blend in all three in our own designs. 

TheShortcutsBubble: What do you prefer and consider more promising these days: online commerce or the direct shop experience? How are they different?

LS: In fact we see opportunities in both.. To our experience, today’s online commerce is more used by the young generation, while older people are still a bit skeptical to this type of purchasing – they don’t trust using their bank details online and they prefer to try on or to see and feel the products in real time. Online commerce will grow and gain trust anyhow, but we believe there is certainly a future for direct shopping as well, where focus should lie more on exceptional service, advice and ‘experiencing’ the brand. We see it directly in our own business, where clients on our online shop are mostly between 25 – 35, while our pop-ups attract clients from 25 to 55 and where the latter group is very well represented and buys higher amounts at a time!

TheShortcutsBubble: Btw.. where can people purchase your designs?

LS: Online on www.lessoeurs.be, in our pop-up stores in Belgium (subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about the locations), and in October we are opening our first and fixed ‘Les Soeurs Flagship Store‘ in Hasselt, Belgium.

TheShortcutsBubble: The MUST HAVE in every woman’s wardrobe.. something always reliable to save the day?

LS: Good basics: the perfect jeans, shirt and blazer, with the perfect cut in high quality fabric.

TheShortcutsBubble: What’s the biggest reward of your career so far?

LS: The creation and launching of our Gladys bracelet, an idea that came straight from our heart and intuition, which is about to become a very popular signature piece in our collection. 

TheShortcutsBubble: Exciting projects to come or daring plans for the future?

LS: Our own Les Soeurs concept store(s).. Stay tuned!

Article by: Andreea R.



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