Name: Gabi (29) & Jakob (30)

Profession: both are formally educated chefs, with many years of experience in Michelin-starred restaurant around the world

Country: Switzerland (Gabi) & Denmark (Jakob), currently living in Copenhagen

Website: www.leckerbaer.dk
Instagram: @leckerbaer

After having previously focused on healthy eating and dietetic cuisine, it’s high time for some decadent treats, just to keep the balance straight. This is how we got to Leckerbaer, a gourmet pastry shop located in Copenhagen, where you can enjoy not only the famous Danish butter biscuits but also cream puffs, brownies, blondies, cookies and delicious coffee.


The characters behind this story are Jakob and Gabi Bär Mogensenused, a couple who worked in several  Michelin-starred restaurants before they decided on a fresh, sweet start. What makes Leckerbaer different is the fact that one can look see inside the kitchen right from the street and follow the process all the way.


TheShortcutsBubble: For someone with a sweet tooth like me, your idea of exchanging Michelin stars for Danish butter cookies is nothing but brilliant. What made you decide on a fresh start like this?
Leckerbaer: After working many years in the kitchen, we felt that the time was right to pursue our main interest in the sweet kitchen. We both love desserts, chocolate and cakes, so it was actually an easy decision. To work with what you like the most is a dream coming true.

TheShortcutsBubble: What sets you apart from the pastry shop round the corner, what makes you a favourite?
Leckerbaer: In Copenhagen, pastry shops like ours can be counted on two hands. What makes us different is our main product, the  “hindbærsnitte”,  which is our own version of the Danish classic. It is a butter biscuit with raspberry jam and sugar icing, a favourite especially for kids.


TheShortcutsBubble: Your motto says: “reinventing the Danish butter cookies”… what is it that you bring new to the traditional recipe?
Leckerbaer: We try to make each cake their own. A lot of the cakes are based on old recipes, but we try to mix it up with different new ingredients and techniques.



TheShortcutsBubble: What inspires you to create new desserts?
Leckerbaer: The flavours and the textures, since these are the most important elements. Everything should fit together – sweet, sour, chewy, crunchy, soft. When we have the flavours set, we try to make the best out of them, sometimes it works out 🙂

TheShortcutsBubble: How would you describe your philosophy on food?
Leckerbaer: In our pastry shop we always try to find quality in the products we use. When you have something really good, you don’t need the same amount.

TheShortcutsBubble: What’s the one item always on the ingredients shopping list?
Leckerbaer: Good chocolate. Chocolate is a product where you can’t cheat. We buy our chocolate in Switzerland from Felchlin. In our opinion they make the best chocolate in the world and at the same time it is a brand that works a lot with sustainability and shows respect for people and nature when making their chocolate.


TheShortcutsBubble: Your favourite flavour in the bakery kitchen?
Leckerbaer: Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate! Did we mention we have a thing for chocolate?

TheShortcutsBubble: What’s the country with the best desserts ever, or at least what’s your favourite?
Leckerbaer: Difficult question… all countries have something where they are the best. That’s also what makes it so interesting to travel around and “taste” the different countries!

TheShortcutsBubble: What does an ordinary day look like at Leckerbaer?
Leckerbaer: We start to produce early morning, so we can have everything fresh and ready when the shop opens at 10. We refill the shop during the day, so everything is as fresh as possible. On a normal day we also have one or two tests of cakes or desserts to do.

TheShortcutsBubble: What’s next? Any expansion plans for the near future?
Leckerbaer: Since our shop is only a little more than one year old, we still have our hands full with developing and trying a lot of new things 🙂 In a few years, who knows…


Gabi and Jakob, the two “magicians” behind the Leckerbaer story. Thank you so much, it was a real pleasure! 🙂

Article by: Andreea R.


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