Name: Angèle Ferreux-Maeght

Profession: Chef (organic and dietetic cuisine)

Country: France (Paris)

Website: www.laguinguettedangele.com

For those who want to indulge in delicious healthy treats, La Guinguette d’Angèle (34 Rue Coquillière, Paris) is the perfect place to be.
Angèle Ferreux-Maeght, the Parisian young Chef specialised in organic, dietetic cusine, strongly believes in the indisputable connection between gastronomy, health and well being, while using exclusively bio and gluten free local products. In consequence, what she does is not only amazingly beautiful but also 100% healthy.


TheShortcutsBubble: Growing up between Paris and Provence, in a very artistic environment, everybody would have expected you to follow in your family’s footsteps and become a very successful art dealer. Why dietetic cuisine instead of art? How did it happen?
Angèle: Cuisine is also a form of art and art is also a healing force! Coming from an artistic family makes my choice for cooking and alternative medicine even more natural, doesn’t it? I also wanted to create my own path in life and start my company from scratch.

TheShortcutsBubble: Tell us about how the encounter with Céleste Candido (famous French naturopath) changed your life.
Angèle: It changed everything. Céleste truly represents everything I look up to. She isn’t driven by fear and  she helps people by understanding their symptoms in a holistic manner. Her belief is that a healthy person needs to have a healthy relationship with certain definite factors (i.e people, sports, food, sleep, fulfilment at work). She views health as a whole, a balance and harmony between these elements. I immediately embraced her philosophy and constructed my values upon it.

TheShortcutsBubble: You studied naturopathy at Cenatho Eupean College in Paris. How does this reflect in your cuisine and your lifestyle, what are the principles that guide you?
Angèle: All my cuisine is based on that science. I don’t do dairy free vegan or gluten free for the fashion of it, but because I know the physiological impact such a diet can have on people and the environment. In my work, as well as in my life, I stay ethical and true to my previously stated values. For me it is ideal to be able to combine pleasure and consciousness.

TheShortcutsBubble: Delicieusement Green by Angèle, a recipe book for a happy and healthy lifestyle. How are gastronomy, health and well being linked together?
Angèle: They all have their role in the complex recipe of happiness, thus they are deeply intertwined.


TheShortcutsBubble: What did you keep from the traditional French cuisine and what did you take out, because of being extremely unhealthy?
Angèle: For me it’s more about taking out any processed food and non ethical  products using pesticides. I believe in LOCAL “terroire” and embrace every culture of the ingredients I use.

TheShortcutsBubble: Any tips to keep us in good shape? What are your “superingredients”?
Angèle: Eat with consciousness (know what you eat), chew the ingredients and eat slowly, laugh, breath! My superingredients are: seaweed (chlorella, klamath, spiraling.. all of them), hemp and Macca…. and sports (as a life ingredient)!

TheShortcutsBubble: What do you snack on if you are hungry when you shouldn’t be?
Angèle: Avocado with gomashio and lemon, it’s very filling and amazing for the skin (it’s full of rich oil that your body doesn’t produce by its own)

TheShortcutsBubble: La Guinguette d’Angèle (organic and detox boutique and catering service) is a very successful story, which brought you collaborations with very big names, especially in the field of fashion. Which of them has been the most impressive so far?
Angèle: The fact that these huge brands choose to collaborate with La Guinguette… it’s true, it’s sort of crazy to collaborate daily with huge brands such as Hermes, Dior, Louis Vuitton etc… I can’t believe it myself!



TheShortcutsBubble: We’ve just mentioned fashion and you are French.. so the following question is kind of inevitable…:) How would you describe your style?
Angèle: My style reflects the way I am: colourful (helps me to be happy), vintage and playful (never the same sock colour on each foot, rainbow nail polish etc.). In Paris there’s this true cliché and everybody is dressed in black and never smiles. I make my own little protest everyday by just being colourful and joyful in the streets! Fashion is maybe the key to success hahaha ?!


TheShortcutsBubble: What is in your opinion the worst fashion faux pas.. something you’d never wear?
Angèle: To dress oneself out of shame. You should always embrace who you are and wear something that YOU love, instead of trying to fit into what models on magazines tell you.

TheShortcutsBubble: You lived in the USA and Australia for a while, what did you miss the most about France?
Angèle: I missed the cultural and historical world you can find just by opening your eyes in the streets of Paris. you don’t even have to read a book or go to the museum, you just need to “flâner” (wander) through the streets of Paris. It’s also very easy to find local organic products for a reasonable price at markets such as le marché d’Aligre.

TheShortcutsBubble: The best thing about living in Paris is ….
Angèle: Its beauty. It really is a GORGEOUS city!

Find Angèle here:
@laguinguettedangelle (on Instagram)
or here:

La Guinguette d’Angèle – cuisine biologique, sans gluten, de saison!

Article by: Andreea R.


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