Paper Me Nude

Name: Hilde Mork – born 1978

Profession: graphic designer, but has also done styling and  photography for magazines and books

Country: Norway


Instagram: @hildemork78


By far, the best thing about running this blog is that I get to talk to so many wonderful people from all over. To some of them I just feel an instant connection, because they’re not only super inspiring and talented, but also very warm and friendly. Hilde is one of these lovely people and I’m happy she wanted to share her story:


TheShortcutsBubble: Tell us a bit about your background and about how you got to work as a (freelance) graphic designer.
HM: I got my BA (Hons) degree in England, Institute of Surrey. Then, back to Oslo I started Commando Group, a design studio where I worked as a partner and senior graphic designer for almost 9 years. When I got pregnant with my 2nd child, we decided we wanted a house with a garden and ended up in Skien. Having this long experience as a business partner and someone with lots of responsibilities concerning their staff, I soon realised that I wanted to work on my own and chance made that here in Skien I met Jeanette Lunde, who guided me into the new life as a freelancer. I´m very grateful to her! Today I work with graphic design, but have been lucky to enlarge my horizon and work with styling and photography as well.


TheShortcutsBubble: From digital to print, Paper Me (Nude) is a really cool project. What inspired you to start?
HM: Thank you! I think it´s all about taking back those moments which are so ephemeral in the digital word. And after all, I´m a graphic designer and I love paper! I hope to print more issues or similar publications.


TheShortcutsBubble: Why VSCO (digital) and why matte paper (print)?
HM: I love matte paper because it makes the pictures more soft, and the feeling of the paper is unique. VSCO helps me to give some of the pictures the same feeling and it is a very good tool when it comes to adding a personal touch to them. I use less filters these days, but I still use VSCO to edit my pictures before bringing them to life on matte paper.

TheShortcutsBubble: You say “nude” stands for being true to yourself. Is it also something related to the renown Scandinavian clean and minimalistic style?
HM: Yes, Nude is all about being yourself. Nowadays too many people think they have to be in a certain way due to all the influences from trends, the digital world etc, but after all, aren’t we the happiest when we are tuned in to our own speed, lusts and taste? Less is always more!


TheShortcutsBubble: How did the idea of using Instagram as a personal sketchbook occur to you?
HM: It all started when I realised that I enjoyed taking pictures, not only with my iPhone, but also with a proper camera. By posting pictures I slowly found out what I liked or not, daring to expose my style. Instagram was like a book, I started to mix and match the pictures to give the followers and myself a nice feed. My mood and my life decide the theme and I try not to be too fixed on a certain style, although I hope I have a style which says *Hilde*!


TheShortcutsBubble: Any advice on how to set up your own business and make it work?

HM: Be patient, polite and work hard! Take breaks, be with your family and friends and the most important – do what you love and are able to do! The rest.. find good people to work with.

TheShortcutsBubble: Have you run into obstacles along the way? If yes, how did you surpass them?
HM: Yes, many! But they have all given me new strength and knowledge! It was learning by doing!

TheShortcutsBubble: How do you picture the future? What are your plans/projects/hopes?
HM: I hope I can work more with my prints, make more books (ref: The Little Christmas Book that I made with the eco baker, Siv) and to always be open to work with new things!


TheShortcutsBubble: Where can people admire and purchase your beautiful work?
HM: On my own web-shop and there are also other stores in Norway (Houz Oslo, Nordiske Rom etc), Europe (Poster Club – Denmark, Frau Hansen – Germany) and Australia (Simple) that sell my prints.


TheShortcutsBubble: Any blog or Instagram profile that you like and find really inspiring?
HM: Oh, so many people to admire! But I have to mention Beth Kirby (@local_milk), Studio Oink and Jennifer (@amerrymishap). They have what I like, that clean, Nordic style added with American, sober, but lush and blooming touch.

Hilde Mork

Paper Me – Nude, the story about being true to oneself… Thank you so much for the inspiration, Hilde!

Article by: Andreea R.

Paper Me Nude

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