Name: Alina Nordling (23)
Profession: Artist & Founder of A. NORDLING ART
Country: Netherlands (born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden)
Instagram: @a.nordling.art

Most of the time life is unexpected and takes us to destinations we’ve never intended. However, there are people who see opportunities in everything and who are not afraid of a challenge. They do not step back cautiously, they take a leap of faith. These are the people who often succeed, because courage certainly pays off!

Meet Alina Nordling (23), artist and founder of A. NORDLING ART. She is one of those wonderful people I am talking about and she’s got a beautiful, inspiring story:
TheShortcutsBubble: Tell us a bit about your background and the moment you knew you wanted to make a living out of your art.
A.N: I am actually not the typical artist. I’ve been studying Business with a specialization of Marketing and Management at Stockholm School of Economics. Before I started my own business I have been working with marketing, social media management and graphic design for 4 years besides my studies, mostly at Swedish tech startups. When I broke my foot 3 months ago I felt so low because I couldn’t go to work and had a really though time leaving my apartment. At that time I decided to start selling my art as a side project while my foot was healing. After only one day I had four orders and after a week I had 20. A swedish design magazine (Design World) recognized my work because it was spreading on social media and did an interview with me (https://www.designworld.se/2015/09/22/pop-art-av-alina-nordling-hamtar-inspiration-fran-modevarlden/) and after another week I had an other interview with one of the biggest blog portals (Nouw) in Sweden (http://nouw.com/magazine/pa-jobbet-med-alina-nordling-2918) and by that time I already had a full time job and could make a living out of it.
TheShortcutsBubble: You started A.Nordling Art in 2015 as you considered something was missing on the Swedish market. How does your art fill in this gap and how would you describe it?
A.N: I think that art today is either very expensive or very cheap and mass produced. When I was looking for something to put on my walls in my own apartment I felt like it was quite difficult to find affordable art that was not an IKEA painting. I wanted to sell cool, high quality canvas paintings that felt personal and that everyone could have in their home.
TheShortcutsBubble: Where does your inspiration come from?
A.N: I get a lot of inspiration when I am traveling and visit different photo and art galleries.  A lot of inspiration also comes from the fashion industry, magazines, tumblr blogs and instagram accounts. I set a couple of hours a day for inspiration search. That can be everything from cycling around in Amsterdam to sitting with my phone browsing through instagram accounts.
TheShortcutsBubble: You moved from Stockholm to Amsterdam and started working on your own. Why Amsterdam?
A.N: I had actually never been to Amsterdam before I moved here. I moved here because I got a job offer here. However, by the time I was supposed to move, my own business had really taken off. So I only worked at that company for a couple of months, then I quit it and got my own office space in the centre of Amsterdam.
TheShortcutsBubble: How would you describe your new environment?
A.N: Oh, I LOVE Amsterdam! For those who have not been there – GO VISIT! The city gives me so much energy compared to Stockholm and it’s a wonderful town for an artist to live in. I feel happy everyday and grateful that I have the opportunity to live here.
TheShortcutsBubble: Do you consider location can influence your art in any way? If “yes” what has changed since moving?
A.N: Of course it can. I still use the same techniques and style when I paint but I think that I am much happier now then before (since I started my business when I had a broken foot and was really isolated hah!).
TheShortcutsBubble: What’s your favourite spot in Amsterdam and why?
A.N: I’m in love with this cafe called Pluk Amsterdam. I really love the environment and the fact that they always play Bieber’s new album on repeat. They also have wonderful interior and healthy food. Perfect combination!
TheShortcutsBubble: Who’s the target, what kind of people do you address to?
A.N: Right now I mostly sell me art to a young crowd (somewhere between 20 and 35), urban and modern people who enjoys cool art. My target has been Sweden before but now I am selling paintings to the US, Finland, Dubai and the Netherlands also.
TheShortcutsBubble: Where can people admire / purchase your beautiful work?
A.N: Now it can only be purchased through my webshop: anordlingart.com. But I am going to sell paintings on an art exhibition in Gothenburg at the beginning of January and another one in Stockholm coming up later this year. In 2016 you will also be able to buy my art at different stores in Sweden. More info will be posted on my website.
TheShortcutsBubble: What do you miss the most about Sweden?
A.N: I miss my family and friends and also my beautiful apartment in Stockholm. But I have a lot of friends here as well and its close to visit Stockholm if I would get homesick. But right now I am not going to change my life here for anything in Sweden.
TheShortcutsBubble: What do you hope for in the future, regarding your business?
A.N: In another interview I said that my life goal would be to have Justin Bieber in one of my paintings. But Since he has grown so big right now with the release of “Purpose” I have to think bigger as well 😉
TheShortcutsBubble: A blog/Instagram profile that you like and find really inspiring?
A.N: Today I found a instagram called @mariebodie – she makes such wonderful illustrations and would like to have all of them in my home. I also really admire and get so inspired from a girl I know from Stockholm called Babba (@babba.c on instagram). She works as a marketing manager at Uber in New York and has made an amazing career and she is only 25 years old!

Thank you so much, Alina, it’s been a pleasure! Your story is truly inspiring. Keep up the great work!
Article by: Andreea R.



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