NameOlivia Kennedy (36) and Matilda Eriksson (33) 

ProfessionHuman Resources

CountryFrance (Olivia) and Sweden (Matilda)

Instagram: @moeofsweden

So happy to post the first story today! It’s a lovely story about how two friends, Olivia & Matilda, created MOE OF SWEDEN, a very popular Instagram profile, with more than 22k followers.

Fond of Scandinavian interior design and inspired by both old and new, the two gradually turned their hobby into something that brings opportunities, collaborations and future projects. Their daily Instagram posts are the very reflection of who they are and inspire people all around the world.

Here’s what they told us:



TheShortcutsBubble: How did the idea of starting the Instagram “adventure” occur to you?
MoeOfSweden: We always had a creative side and been drawn to the idea of doing something together, so when we discovered Instagram, we realized that this was the perfect forum for us. We can work together even though we live in different countries. 
TheShortcutsBubble: You are very creative, what inspires you?
MoeOfSweden: Nature, art, our mother and the old women in our family and of course Instagram itself. We also get a lot of inspiration from eachother!
TheShortcutsBubble: Is decorating and interior design a hobby or something you do for work in everyday life?
MoeOfSweden: It’s just a hobby at the moment but we have a dream of turning it into a business in a not far away future. 
TheShortcutsBubble: How would you describe your style in point of interior design?
MoeOfSweden: We are both into the Scandinavian style with light woods, light spacious rooms with a mixture of old funiture and classic designs. We like simplicity but with a lot of personality and feeling in our homes. 
TheShortcutsBubble: When you started on Instagram, did you imagine you would become so popular? What made your profile so popular?
MoeOfSweden: No, we never expected it to work so well but we had a clear vision and guideline from the start. No selfies, no babies or pets – pure interior and home related pictures and that is part of the success we believe. Also we found our own tone and style in our feed wich people seem to enjoy and get inspired by. 
TheShortcutsBubble: The latest decorative object you bought for your house?
Olivia: A vintage looking lamp
Matilda: A sheep skin plaid from Gotland
TheShortcutsBubble: If you were to buy a holiday house tomorrow, where would it be and why?
MoeOfSweden: We are currently looking for a summer house for both our families and it would be at Gotland or Skåne in Sweden. These landscapes are beautiful and we are related to them in different ways. And we would love to have a place where our creativity can flourish. 
TheShortcutsBubble: What’s the most exciting project you have ever worked on?
MoeOfSweden: A huge renovation project turning an old attic into a penthouse.
TheShortcutsBubble: Perfect place to purchase house decorations?
MoeOfSweden: Fleemarkets and auctions. 
TheShortcutsBubble: What does a perfect day look like for you?
MoeOfSweden: Hard to say exactly but a day without “must do’s” but still have achieved something and been productive.
TheShortcutsBubble: A blog you’re addicted to or find very inspiring?
MoeOfSweden: We like

Thank you so much MOE OF SWEDEN!
Visit their Instagram profile @moeofsweden if you want to find tons of beautiful and inspiring pics.
Article by: Andreea R.

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